Made in Italia

Did you know that the wording “Made in Italy” is not enough to ensure a product is authentic?

It sounds incredible, but that is just the way it is. A product that has been manufactured in two or more countries is anyway considered originating in the country where its last transformation has taken place.

Costs of production in countries that exploit low-cost labour are lower, as too is the quality of the final product. Millions of consumers purchase a product convinced that it has been thought up and manufactured in Italy, but in fact, it is often not the case.

How can we be sure that a product has been thought and manufactured in Italy?

An object thought up and manufactured in Italy is produced by people working under a sign of respect: respect for the consumer and respect for the land of Italy.


A product truly Italian carries with it the name of those who have thought it up, designed it and produced it: and it is controllable and traceable, and Made in Italy.

Have you ever asked yourself why Italian style is appreciated worldwide?

We Italians have style in our blood, we always have had. Even before the Renaissance, Italy was struck by a wave of creativity, which over the course of time has given rise to that cultural legacy of beauty that is at the centre of Italian being.


When a product is a truly manufactured in Italy, you can see it: it has a quality that is superior and has unmistakeable style thanks to the superb skill of Italian artisans: it is elegant, chic and easy to wear thanks to the dynamic nature of its lines. Our frames reflect our style, and through them, you are able to see the beauty of the world in complete safety, while wearing a style that is unarguably Italian.