our mission
... is to be the most valued partner to independent Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) that are determined to offering innovative and refreshing consumer experiences, and to be a key resource for ECPs looking to "set their store apart."
who we are
We are a family owned business representing distinctive eyewear collections for distinctive and independent practices...

We leave the space for our brands to express their unique identities, and our commitment is to do this without sacrificing quality and attention to every detail.
our core values
independent collections
We partner with independent manufacturers to ensure quality and attention to detail. Maintaining a close relationship with our partners allows us to contribute to the evolution of the collection as needed for the US market.
locally based
Our office and warehouse is located on the East Coast of the United States. Quick service is a must for your patients, and for that reason, we stock all of our collections and are able to ship most orders same-day.
independent practices
Every member of our team is truly passionate about what they do. The collections that we represent each have a uniquely rich story that deserves to be heard. For this reason we believe that independent practices and retail locations are the best fit for our brands.
what sets us apart?
personal service
Our first concern is making sure our clients and their patients are happy. You'll always have someone from our local customer service team to answer your questions and find solutions to your needs.
We value every one of our clients, and like to consider you a partner with which we can develop a long-term
and personal relationship.
always updated
Part of the fun of our industry is the intersection between fashion and medicine, so we think it's important to not just be another boring old vendor that only shows up for a sale. Instead, we want to share and transmit the excitement we get from new product launches and innovations in our product lines, or when we have tips-and-tricks for effectively selling our products. With us, you'll always have the option to be up-to-date via our digital newsletter, social media, website, or all the above.
quality selection
With thousands of collections out there and new ones being launched at head-spinning rates, how do you cut through the noise? Our strategy has always been to look for true quality and consistency first. We've curated a few collections that have demonstrated consistent superior quality and consistent design, innovation, and identity. Too many brands are here today and gone tomorrow, so rather than look for trends and fads, we've chosen to focus on consistency, stability, quality, and, of course, a touch of individuality.
ready to set yourself apart?