Your February Update

Feb 3rd 2022

Your February Update

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February 2022 Issue

Blackfin releases new "Colourscape" Campaign

Colour as a representation of knowledge, awareness and determination. Colour as an expression of feelings and moods, but also as a personal statement, what each of us can show without compromise. Colour as the heart and soul of the new Blackfin eyewear collection, where titanium is accented by vivid tones and bright shades. All this is COLOURSCAPE, the 2022 communication campaign.

COLOURSCAPE highlights the contrast between the whiteness of the location, Carrara, Tuscany, Italy, and the chromatic brilliance of the panels present in the shots, whose colours recall the dominant shades of the glasses.

The quarry is the place where, for millennia, stone has been worked with sacrifice to create something beautiful and unique, just like the Blackfin collections, created thanks to the technical skill and artistic vocation by generations of men and women who, through passion, have turned production into an art. Blackfin products take the beauty of the most authentic Made in Italy around the world.

The Spring/Summer 22 collection is now available in the United States.

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LOOK Introduces "New Rinascimento" Campaign

Light always comes after darkness, a new day always comes after the night. LOOK - made in Italia wishes to convey a message of optimism and hope with its new communication campaign NEW RINASCIMENTO: the name immediately brings to mind the period marking the transition from the Middle Ages to Renaissance, which today means rebirth after the global pandemic that broke out two years ago

Staying true to a harmony of shapes and colors, the campaign is the last step in LOOK – made in Italia's rebranding process that started in 2020, and features the entire range of products, from LOOKKINO (premium kids) to LOOK (premium adults) and MATERIKA (high-end adults), all in a single visual approach.

LOOK – made in Italia thus becomes the ambassador of Renaissance beauty, offering authenticity, excellence, values and Italian savoir-faire to the wearers. The pleasure of a unique experience that lies in a gaze, in a caress, in the complicity between the little ones and adults.

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