LOOK Introduces New Campaign, “NOI”

Posted by Villa Eyewear on Feb 15th 2023

LOOK Introduces New Campaign, “NOI”

Over the years we have seen LOOK campaigns represent the world around us. After Abbraccio [Embrace] (2021) acknowledged how the pandemic deprived us of close contact; New Rinascimento [New Renaissance] (2022) celebrated post-pandemic recovery and announced the beginning of a new identity for LOOK.

This year's campaign represents the essence of LOOK, that is, the company itself. NOI [WE] is the title, simple yet powerful: because NOI is what LOOK consistently communicates in a manner true to who they are.

The rebrand showcases its more cool, or better kool (a reflected image of LOOK) spirit while continuing to uphold the values of family, respect, inclusion, innovation, and reliability that have consistently defined the brand as a whole.

LOOK will continue to preserve the value and the KOOL attribute of aesthetics and design that impact every product segment: kids premium (Lookkino), adult premium (Look) adult high-end (Materika). The fashion models in the shots have bold features that reflect uniqueness, inclusivity, innovation and modernity. Their powerful gaze conveys brand reliability, precision and respect and their real, spontaneous expressions reflect the spirit of cooperation


because people are the strength of our company and therefore it is people who will become the strength of our new visual identity.