​Frame By Frame: Exploring the Meticulous Steps of L.G.R's Production & Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Collection

Oct 19th 2023

​Frame By Frame: Exploring the Meticulous Steps of L.G.R's Production & Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Collection

As dedicated curators of the world’s finest luxury eyewear, Villa Eyewear admires the exceptional artistry and technique that goes into every L.G.R frame. Through generations of mastery, L.G.R's Italian craftsmen have perfected a meticulous production process that achieved optimal shine, comfort, and durability.

The L.G.R handcrafting process consists of six key steps that set them apart from the rest:

1. Italian Acetate

Material selection is at the very core of L.G.R: only the best Italian acetate is sourced in order to ensure resistant and long-lasting products. It all starts with a sheet of cellulose acetate, a material of natural origin composed mainly of cellulose obtained from the cotton plant and wood fibers from which, after a special treatment, acetate is derived.

2. Tumbling

Once the shaping of the frame is completed, acetate fronts and temples are subjected to a 48-76-hour tumbling process.

Small chips of beech and birch wood fill the tumblers, and octagonal containers, where their continuous movement will generate a slight abrasion on the acetate items eliminating imperfections and providing a certain smoothness.

3. Filing

Expert craftsmen inspect the frames after the tumbling process in search of any imperfection: every small imperfection is sanded away by hand through the filing process. Afterward, each temple is manually mounted and fixed to the front with hinges.

4. Punching

The next stage is hand punching, an almost extinct detail in today's eyewear production. To emboss the L.G.R logo and frame specifications inside the temples, fire stamping is applied. Heated brass characters go through a golden foil, resulting in a neat signature that will shine and last a lifetime.

5. Polishing

The next step is polishing, carried out by hand: the glossy appearance of L.G.R eyewear is due to the hand polishing of every frame.

6. Quality Control

Before the delivery of each frame, L.G.R craftsmen carry out meticulous quality control, which is essential to give our customers a product of the highest quality that lasts over time.

Introducing the New L.G.R Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Collection

For the upcoming season, the permanent L.G.R collection has been enriched with new sunglasses and optical frames characterized by timeless elegance and top quality Italian craftsmanship. Highlights include avant-garde designs with minimalist lines and appealing new acetate colors. Iconic new styles like Giza, Casablanca, Essaouira, Atlas, Malabo Bold, and Marrakech expand the core collection.

By partnering with L.G.R, Villa Eyewear provides optical professionals exclusive access to this pinnacle of Italian technique. Each L.G.R frame celebrates generations of specialized artisanship, showcasing an elite level of quality and craft. For optical practices seeking to truly set themselves apart by offering patients a remarkably unique and premium eyewear experience, L.G.R eyewear delivers. 

Become a Villa Eyewear partner today to bring the world’s finest luxury frames from L.G.R and other esteemed brands into your practice.