3 Great Reasons Why Luxury Eyewear Is Worth It

Posted by Villa Eyewear on Mar 23rd 2023

3 Great Reasons Why Luxury Eyewear Is Worth It

Some of the hallmarks of a luxury brand hold great weight with consumers even in the face of recession. Those are high quality, superior craftsmanship, and brand story. In a world where consumers are more aware than ever of mass production and poor quality manufacturing, Forbes posits that luxury eyewear is the “anti-fast fashion.” While fashion brands hold the public’s attention, more consumers today want to be assured that they are getting value for their money. Luxury frames and frames from fashion brands are trending in popularity. However, consumers today are more wary of the value of their dollar. They want to know that they are paying for more than a name- and when they are willing to pay for the name, they want to know that there is quality.

1. Personalized and attentive service

Your high-end customers will have different needs, and your sales team should be ready with questions to narrow down choices and preferences. The luxury consumer does not appreciate the fast and automated processes of CPG or lower cost items. Take your time in discovering how you can help. For example, someone looking for sunglasses might benefit from some guidance on characteristics or lens upgrades that best suit their specific use. Your team should be ready with options from your brands and prepared with any information the customer might need about them.

Remember, you’re building a luxury experience. Show them why the in-store experience makes a difference and walk them through different styles, ask if they would like to take a photo in the frames for comparisons, and make suggestions based on their needs.

Learn to sell to different personas: Some will want to purchase luxury frames for the technical quality to keep frames for several years. Some will want statement pieces that express their personal style and also allow them to change their look frequently. Be inclusive. More often than not, eyewear is seen as genderless. For so many people, eyewear has become an expression of themselves and restricting that is never in anyone’s best interest.

2. Added Value

The most successful luxury brands excel in their storytelling, and independent eyewear brands tell a story. Brands such as L.G.R eyewear are family-owned businesses that contribute to their local communities and keep alive traditional techniques in eyewear manufacturing by hand. This is one way L.G.R maintains its cultural roots.

Historically, Japan and Italy have paved the way for innovation in eyewear and become icons in the global eyewear industry. In a moment of mutual admiration, Blackfin was born of Japanese titanium and Italian craftsmanship. Blackfin exemplifies the kind of innovation that came out of learning the cultural and historical roots of high-quality eyewear.

High quality, handmade products. Luxury frames are available from independent eyewear brands that carry incredible reputations as well as trendy styles. Just like your consumers want to receive quality for their money, your offering will reflect the quality of the frames as well. Avoid the mass-produced frames that simply have licensing agreements to use a fashion brand name.

3. Community and Legacy

Luxury frames are more than just an accessory - they are a way of life. An accessory is a small change, but the quality and utility of eyewear forms a deeper bond. As an eye care practice, you can be assured that the quality of these frames without relying simply on a popular name. Your clients can wear the frames with confidence, and discover the difference for themselves. Clients can rest assured knowing that their purchases go beyond their wallet and closet and have a real impact on their community. It makes them a part of something larger than themselves.

Luxury frames can be passed on and loved over and over again due to their lasting quality. Clients can feel better about their purchases knowing they will last, and that the frames are useful for several years rather than fast-fashion frames that break in months. Consumers are tired of “greenwashing” and companies that only pay lip service to more ethical and environmentally friendly practices. They want to vote with their dollar and invest in their future. Help build a future with sustainable choices like environmentally-conscious manufacturing from independent eyewear brands.

Clients need assurance for high ticket items that what they are receiving is worth the price, so showing them the value of their purchase by walking them through the hallmarks of true “luxury” will help them see the difference. Your clients can feel the difference for themselves once they try on the frames, but they want to be swayed by the story, the experience in your practice, and the long term client relationship.