The Story
Born in 2016, Roundten is a technology-minded brand that blends performance and design; we apply German engineering processes to underpin our Mediterranean styles. In more specific terms, ROUNDTEN two founders are truly outsiders, one coming from the automotive industry, experienced in supply chain, operations automation and lean manufacturing; the other being the third generation in a family owning steel production facilities, producing complex components for trains and aerospace.
Together they devised a design-to-market system using the concepts and tools learned in the automotive and steel industries. This proprietary system not only offers a much shorter time to market (about 45 to 60 days’ end to end – replenishments are much faster), but it also ensures efficiency of inventories, no cost (and time!) of changeovers in production and shorter, continuous production runs.
As in the car industry, ROUNDTEN products share materials, which become exclusive to each specific product much closer to market than those of our competitors. 

This gives ROUNDTEN higher responsiveness and lower total production cost. In ROUNDTEN we believe that customers do not need to pay for inefficiencies, hence we decided to transfer these efficiencies to the market. ROUNDTEN is not cheaper, it is just more efficient!