The mad in italy UP Collection

Characterized by styles with irridescent fronts that give off mirror, multicolor and 3D effects.

Made of Nylon, a flexible and strong material, allowing for a weight of only 9 grams.

Why Nylon?


Not only is Nylon flexible and strong, but it is also extremely lightweight.


Nylon also allows for a very unique opaque iridescent effect that is hard to replicate with any other material.



The production of each Mad in Italy UP frame begins with a thin sheet of pure nylon.


Like a nylon sunglass lens, the sheet is already true to its color, meaning that the opaque mirror finish, iconic of every Mad in Italy UP frame, is a characteristic of the nylon itself.

Once the perfect sheet is selected, the precise measurements of the desired frame are loaded and the nylon is cut to form by CNC machine.


This process is similar to how acetate is processed, and can be thought of as the reverse of shaping a nylon sunglass lens.

After the nylon is cut to shape, a specialist softens any rough edges and verifies that the dimensions are exactly to specification.


Depending on the specific style, the nylon may compose of the entire frame front or may just be an insert that will soon be assembled with the body of the frame.

Once the nylon is done being processed, it moves on to be assembled with nose pad arms and temples that are also made in house.

Key Points

Whether the frame front is pure nylon or stainless steel with a nylon insert, every part is entirely crafted and finished in house, in our factory in Belluno, Italy.

The newest evolution of the mad in italy UP collection includes stainless steel temples that are bolted directly through the frame font.


This gives added stability and ensures that the temples will never detach from the frame front.

For added comfort and durability, the nose pad arms were redesigned with a half-moon terminal piece that inserts directly into the nylon. The arm is then locked in place by the lens.


This innovation guarantees a sturdy pad arm that can be easily removed or adjusted.

A selection of the newest mad in italy UP styles have even been enhanced with a touch of glitter.


The glitter paint is applied by hand into a specially created groove to ensure that the paint wont wear off with time.

So, what does this all mean?


The mad in italy UP collection is an innovative, bright and colorful assortment of lightweight styles, perfect for anyone in search of something reflective of their MAD personality!