BASE is a project born from the desire to respond to a moment of radical change in our lives and habits in an active way. 

Within BASE we summarize all the principles and values of UNIQUEDESIGNMILANO: the connection with current events, the desire to explore new processing techniques, new materials, the link with the world around us, attention to the environment, attention to details (from packaging to product), accepting new challenges to push us to find solutions, the attempt to take a step beyond our limits, sincerity and freedom to express our vision.

BASE represents the point of arrival and departure of a creative process born years ago with UNIQUEDESIGNMILANO, maturing to the point of changing the point of view: we no longer realize a product to which the customer must adapt following and choosing to support our vision, with BASE we will offer in every collection a product at the service of the customer, of the person before the consumer, who knows how to help him in a moment of need and who makes him feel part of a project of research and sustainability.
The first collection is based on three fundamental principles:
– Research of materials
– Highly technical lenses
– Design

As for the material, an innovative material will be used for the first time in the eyewear world. The material is a BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and recyclable bio-polyester. Its characteristics are ideal for a product that will be used every day as it offers shock resistance, thickness, brilliance and resistance to temperature changes.

As far as the lenses are concerned, we have chosen models entirely made in Italy that have the following characteristics:
– able to protect the view from the blue light emitted by electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.).
– already graduated to support people’s reading needs
– have had a special “flashing” treatment that helps to eliminate all the annoying reflexes that can cause eye injuries.

Finally, in these new models will be represented our continuous search for attractive and not discounted designs, our hallmark in UNIQUEDESIGNMILANO that will obviously always be followed also in BASE.
As far as packaging is concerned, we have also chosen not to follow the classic canons.

For this project our product will be placed inside a completely recyclable cardboard milk brick in which will be inserted a small cardboard box that will preserve the glasses from possible shocks, a small information sheet in which we will insert the technical characteristics and the philosophy behind this project and, finally, a cotton bag to carry it comfortably everywhere.